Looked up my wordpress stats, found myself sitting stoic on a few thousand views, plenty of poem, my poetic self-condensed to their labels. Three-hundred and twenty four poems, two-hundred and ten tagged 'self,' one-hundred and eight tagged 'nostalgia,' with one-hundred and seventy-eight on 'travel,' and I suppose that I am a nostalgic self who likes... Continue Reading →



I watched you shaving in the shower, placing metal against your thighs and skimming soft down over knees, fingers in the foam and water, your free hand wrapped around freshly cinnamon scented strands. From the bed I was only envious of an inanimate object, having caressed your skin with less intimacy than that which stripped... Continue Reading →

Black Me Out

I mixed weed and whisky, rode blackout drunk-high right and somebody said afterwards that I told you to black me out. As if either of us could find it to be that easy, as if the many memories equalled eighteen months in a bad tattoo tribute begging for a cover up. Since, I have wanted... Continue Reading →

Fifth Letter To ——–

Four AM and the Greyhound has broken down. ----, I've been thinking by roadsides about the son we could have raised. The lady in the dirty diner in Detroit told me I looked lonely. ----, I've been stirring coffee and thinking about costs we could have split. The man at the station says Chicago is... Continue Reading →

Kicking The Habit

We see the smoke from miles away, flat land of Norfolk to rising grey tower climbing skywards in thick plume. Charcoal on blue paper - English lessons becoming breaks. There are no flames found on drawing closer, just the shrouded pit and the debris and that smear meeting the clouds. We roll sombre into London... Continue Reading →


I hear that Snyder thanked his food, clapped his hands above the plate and uttered some Japanese, just as the Indian hunters had their own rituals, beheading and facing face east before thanking. I never enjoyed saying grace with Grace was never sure who I was addressing, seems now simpler to thank the food itself,... Continue Reading →

Third Time Reading Turtle Island

Left bike by the field edge, shadows from the trees stretching towards handlebars, grass between the spokes, small stroke of green fingers grazing dirty metal wires in hopes of reclamation. Lone bird cliché circled overheard and the hum of the universe shivered through ground underfoot, vibrations through the cracks from which knotted whorls erupt in... Continue Reading →

Language Fragments (In Translation)

Language machine discipline, open heart happiness, (dead) Grandmother, middle America, beer and fried rice in China, Hong Kong man, lunch meditated, teacher (after) seventeen years student, poetry (with a) book beard, alphabet count, home (in a) ten hour hurricane worthwhile risk.

Daughters (Shortest Version)

When I woke up, there were five names in the margins, unknown but gaining clarity as the sunlight split the wallpaper into seams. It came back that I had imagined myself a saint parental sentimental and well-intentioned thinking about a future which may well be found false. I've been having dreams in which I'm teaching... Continue Reading →

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