Walking past Wilkos…

...and wondering if you're working, stood behind the counter as you do for twenty hours a week, eager to speak to people you don't know, selling everything and anything, talking about ducks with the mother buying post-its with beaks for her kids, duck-shaped fridge magnets, duck-shaped erasers (you and your fucking ducks), the woman who... Continue Reading →


Barcelona Beach

Lone leaf floating two hundred feet from shore; where are we going? Lost in the same salty embrace, the ocean rocking in giant scale, sand in my distant notebook. The peaceful prevention of drowning, legs lost in the water, hidden beneath a green sheen, the floor beyond sensible reach and the far-away horizon of the... Continue Reading →


Everything is different / everything is the same as the train from Euston pulls into Preston, again. Northern skyline hiding the hills last seen six months ago, having shaken off their snow during summer’s thaw. I catch a quick glimpse of myself in the window, eyes bloodshot, jetlagged after a long flight from Toronto, and... Continue Reading →


I’d told you that you could stay in the car; you couldn't. Despite the cold, the fact that it was four in the morn -ing. The first train of the day. I caught a glimpse of a purple hat appearing above and behind the fence, a boat upon a waxed wooden sea, rising and beaching... Continue Reading →

Meditation at Seeley Copse

Inhale the musk of slowly waking forest, the dust of spring's early days, the patterns of the littered pinecones, the damp of snapped twigs underfoot. Exhale out over the wildflower wilderness and into the green spaces between, an ocean of cool condensation out into the mist of the woods. Inhale the endorphin rush of welcome... Continue Reading →


Today would have been your ninety-third birthday, and it's the first I've remembered in the seven years since you died, although I often forgot when you were alive. I'm sorry, I've had stuff going on. You always told me to keep busy, so I've been busy keeping busy. So busy, that I often don't look... Continue Reading →


Facing you here, where your eyes are almost mine. I exhale slowly and your hair rises from your forehead. One breath, spent on you, one in a trillion, spent with you, and spent well. Your returned smile ample reward as you lean close and exhale peppermint, perfect.

Music and Memory

When I look back on those two months, those glorious two months, I find that I remember little of them, able to recognise where I've been, but not always what I've done. They're spread like canvas before me, and I'll prick pins into that vast map, great northern American hemisphere, through which I travelled so... Continue Reading →

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