After The Party

Slight bit of context before this poem. I recently dabbled in some found poetry, cropping lines from music records and putting them together in a poem. All of the lines below are taken from the new Menzingers’ record ‘After The Party,’ which is rife with nostalgia and Kerouacian travel. I’d been listening to it a lot, so I guess it seemed fitting that this was the record I attempted. Like I said, these lines all belong to The Menzingers, the best band in the world.

 After The Party

I got drunk in the afternoon
A bastard stands up with the night
As we try to break free with all our might;
Route 502 we were waiting for you.

From five states over, I’m running from everything
A decade lost in the motions
The sands of time in an hourglass
But we’re still breathing and the party ain’t over

We were day drinking in Brooklyn
You were praying Hail Mary’s for an escape route.
If we drive straight, damned if we get tired
Maybe everything is fine and it’s all in my head

I fall asleep in the strangest places
Know I’m gonna come stumbling home with the sun
Mutual angels calling the cops
Your silhouette in high top sneakers

She’s telling me, she’s telling me, “Let it burn up,
Why count the stars? You’ll never know where you are”
I was staring through the stained glass
I was there when the wall fell down

Long for the words with hearts and wings
Long lost in the both of us now.
I hope this isn’t a burden
The life I’ve painted I’ve sold for a quick twenty

We should have never thought that we could get stoned
Buying marijuana makes you feel like a criminal
We would leave before you even noticed we were here
Thanks for having us over

Always waiting on a freight train
No empty seats in eternity
Only a fool would think living could be easy
Was your heart beating in the first place?

Is it finally true we’re not getting any younger?
From the sex, from the drugs, from the rock and roll
The souvenirs of happiness in the moment
But at least it made our parents happy


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