Honestly Vegan – Part Five (Touching on some other Areas)

For a long time, I thought that going vegan would only affect my diet and nothing else. I thought I could drop meat and dairy and stay the exact same, keeping the same mindset and mentality while only changing my weekly shop. It wasn't quite that simple though, and looking back I find that I'm... Continue Reading →



...is the only person, to have ever cried after reading one of my poems. It wasn't about her; I didn't write it for her. She just understood what I was saying, and felt it more than I maybe even had myself. I had never felt so profoundly sorry for somebody, hated myself for reminding her... Continue Reading →

Stacking Shelves

...a lot like writing poetry, putting things in the right place, the right order, matching item to label like matching rhyme to rhyme, with some healthy space for disorder, slips in the hopes that others won't notice. I spent a full year doing both, writing in the break room with hands tired from the lifting,... Continue Reading →

You In The Morning

I was turning over, not quite sober in the soft light of the early morning amidst the static air of your bedroom while you dressed by the window with what seemed to be slow motion movements, a shirt pulled over your slim shoulders, the freckles of your cheek caught clustered in a copper-coloured continent by... Continue Reading →

Barcelona Beach

Lone leaf floating two hundred feet from shore; where are we going? Lost in the same salty embrace, the ocean rocking in giant scale, sand in my distant notebook. The peaceful prevention of drowning, legs lost in the water, hidden beneath a green sheen, the floor beyond sensible reach and the far-away horizon of the... Continue Reading →

New Haven

Did they tell you that it would not hurt at all, and did you hear the lie crack in their voice? Did they promise that they'd be there somehow when you passed onwards into the black? They might have been stuck in traffic as they rushed to meet you, but they weren't. I was though,... Continue Reading →

Shared Interest

We talked for an hour about how neither of us had the heart to write happy poems unless they involved snow. Childhood winters conjuring summer nostalgia as you sat beside me and spoke of how every elegy moved you, while sweet sonnets always left you sickly. I told you that, if I was to write... Continue Reading →

Small Victories

They're only buying Oreos and Lego, father and son, standing in the aisle, looking at our two opened but quiet tills, myself stood facing my colleague, who looks only slightly more bored than I do, reflected by an ocean of white between us. The two of them size us up, subtly scrutinising, trying to work... Continue Reading →

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