Providence Canyon State Park Haikus

Sandstone walls, forest our feet sinking in the soil, all nature waiting.   Brief trail mix food breaks with your hand on my left knee, mud under your nails.   The sun on your back peeling sunburn shoulders. I recall you red.   Radio driving, Google gave it five stars, homebound I agreed.   Went... Continue Reading →


Stone Mountain, GA

The poem I wrote about my Grandmother wins us money for a bus ticket and you book the weekend off work. Steady climb you said, setting out from town at midday with rucksacks full of trail mix which is really just nuts and M&Ms weighing on our backs. Not so steady climb, six months and... Continue Reading →

—– The Lifeguard

You began our relationship watching over me, perched on your throne above the deep end. I began our relationship rediscovering form, not used to having an audience I wanted to impress. I swam at midday every day for a week, you always worked the same shifts, stoic. Recognising you in the Seven-Eleven purchasing pop-tarts, I... Continue Reading →

Fall Evening

I believed in God for half an hour, notion sparked as the soundtrack swelled and, as the words bounced like beach balls off the walls of a Georgia church hall with my legs pressed tightly against the seat in front of my atheist knees, what you'd said started to make sense. Maybe, just maybe, someone... Continue Reading →

Lifeguard Duty

She's been a floundering sight every day for almost a fortnight. I can't help but admire her commitment, but her technique needs some adjustment. She's slapping the water when swimming front crawl, adamant about not breathing and her breaststroke (though quick) lacks any potent power in its kick. She'd the kind that was once taught... Continue Reading →


This one's a little mad, stemmed from a chant. Morrissey wants me to stop watching the news but should I listen to him instead? He was way off the mark RE: Weinstein. We've been broadcasting sad stories, beaming them nationwide, sending them up into Spacey and losing then in translation. Morrissey says he'll never do... Continue Reading →


Last conversation and she told me she thought In Rainbows was the best Radiohead record post-Kid A. I was too stoned to argue, fell asleep in the front seat, racked up international minutes and woke up in Westminster. Wandered into a McDonalds wanting it to be a Waffle House, head stills stuck in the south... Continue Reading →

Stoplight Lines

The roads are always busiest on a Friday, rush hour on Earlham, and I'm stuck at the roundabout, hunched over the handlebars watching the kids on the backseat of the Ford Mondeo in front beat each other at Candy Crush. What a time to be alive and working a nine to five. There's no need... Continue Reading →


The boss man told me to write in CAPITAL LETTERS which I suppose is FAIR ENOUGH, for somebody in customer service I have TERRIBLE handwriting, extra emphasis. He told me a week later that it didn't help MUCH. My students on Sunday misread weather as whether which suggests I need to write a little neater,... Continue Reading →

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